Friday, January 19, 2007

Social Software, Pedagogy, and Social Change

This is a silent video podcast from the 2007 EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional conference on social software use in education.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Live Blogging at 2007 MA EDUCAUSE Conference

Why are we here? At 3:30 on a Thursday in a town full of seafood, why are we here?

- We aren't sure what "social software" means;
- Our colleges are "scared" of the social software;
- live blogging using scfeencasting allows us to work in real time with one another;
- there is a lot of information about what is social software.


-- -- blogs for teaching
-- -- share information; liveblogging, research, connect (English and Journalism_
-- -- Preparing student for the future of online journalism
-- -- share comments, projects, sharing information on technology toosl - share, post, an create comments
-- -- Journaling tool
-- -- Study Aborad students/Disney Program
-- -- Entry level "social software"

-- -- Collaborative space (anyone can edit)
-- -- promoted non-linear thought (connect information)
-- -- Provides time stamps
-- -- Provies safety through history
-- -- Wikispace allows "users only" or closed wikis
-- -- Project management/administrative wiki
-- -- seemless transition
-- -- editing for clarity and effectives
-- -- Media wiki you can move pages
-- -- wikis and blogs are suspectible to "gone with the wind" and "fly by night" loss of content
-- -- wikis and blogs are not protected by college support; universities not reponsible

Other Socia Software Programs
-- - Face Book, Blogger, MySpace, Flickr, Xanga,
-- -- Employers use social software to find suitable AND NOT SUITABLE candidates
-- -- We must teach responsible social software use

Second Life
-- -- what are the risks?
---- are we bound by our own "selfhood" in SL? (example, dress)
-- -- research versus representation of the college and its interesnts; conficting personalities
- -- real life people behind avatar
-- -- (Jean-Paul) - AFFECT on learning
-- -- Educause conference in march (IntellaGirl)
-- -- "Path of explosion" and "simulation"
-- -- Textbased MUVEs
-- -- offers a bridge
-- -- collaboration acroos the border
-- -- students can exeropience over tume.

What motivates us to adopt or reject social software?

-- --

Welcome to the 2007 Educause Mid-Atlantic Conference in Baltimore, MD


Julie Little and I are excited to moderate a discussion on social software, pedagogy, and social change. We will be blogging live asparticipants share ideas! Stop back often for updates!!!!